When your loved one’s birthday is around the corner it is likely that you are going to be more excited with the thoughts of planning a surprise, but when it comes to organizing you might feel confused not knowing how to carry it out. Which is why its important to plan the activities very carefully. First thing you have to plan is the venue and time, where is the best place to throw a party, you can do it out at a restaurant, in a park or at the house. And the time, when do you want to throw the surprise whether at midnight, in the afternoon or in the evening. If you are planning to surprise at a restaurant, it is important that you talk to the managers of the restaurant and inquire if you could host a party on that day.

The guest list, if you are planning to throw a small party just close friends and family would suffice but if you are going to throw a huge party you need to design invitation cards and deliver it to them.A party is nothing without food, most parties have buffet style, you can contact a good service and place your choice, it would be better to decide on a menu with a vegetarian and nonvegetarian options. For dessert you can order something chocolate or fruit and nut mix and raw nut mix. And for the cake you can contact a cake baker and get a customized cake.

You can even include entertainment if you want to take it a notch up and if your budget allows. You can contact a singer or a magician or DJ to come perform at the event. To do so you should contact them weeks prior to the date. Or if its for kids you can organize games as well and for those who win you can gift them gluten free lollies.

Next thing you need to plan is how you are going to bring the birthday person to the venue.One thing you could do, take that person out for a casual outing and then take him/her to the place where you are holding the party and as soon as he/ she enters start singing happy birthday. Or you can take birthday boy/ girl out, go around for shopping or spend some time outside while the party organizers organize everything at home and bring him/ her back home as soon as he/she enters home shout surprise.The above are just examples on how you could surprise but you could think differently too and surprise and make it their best birthday ever.